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Chestnut-Exploration-RGB-300x88Chestnut Exploration

Chestnut Exploration is a family-owned, independent oil and natural gas operator, with specialties in developing new and existing oil fields. Combining proven science and technical knowledge, Chestnut’s engineers and geologists work in areas with proven energy reserves and explore new developments. Chestnut currently operates projects in Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico.

Dohmen Capital Research

dohmen_logoDohmen Capital Research group was founded in 1977 by Bert Dohmen as an economic and investment research firm. Our mission has been to provide serious investors and traders with the most profitable investment and economic advice, available anywhere, via subscription services. The advice will always be unbiased and will not have any conflicts of interest. We don’t hesitate to give sell advice, or to sell short, when our work calls for it. The analysis is designed to help you make the right choices and decisions on how to invest your money and prosper over both the short and long-term. Serious investors will find a wealth of profit-making investment and economic guidance. Bert Dohmen’s long time experience in the markets will be working for you. The firm’s services have achieved the highest acclaim. Dohmen Capital Research offers the most highly respected and sought-after advisory services for investors worldwide. The first publication was THE WELLINGTON LETTER, which has achieved numerous awards of distinction. It quickly made its mark on Wall Street with often totally contrarian forecasts, such as the 20% prime rate in 1980, the roaring bull market in gold and silver, followed by the 20 year bear market, and a decline in U.S. T-bonds of over 40% in the late 1970’s among others.

GromSocial-300x74GromSocial – Social Networking for the Youth

GromSocial Network by Kids for Kids. Zach Marks started working on the concept of Grom Social after being kicked off of Facebook twice by his parents. Zach’s vision was to create a safe, educational, fun, and highly interactive digital social networking platform “By Kids for Kids” between the ages of 5-16. So, Zach, along with his brothers, sister, and friends of the family developed the platform and brought the various characters to life. The beta platform of Grom Social was officially launched in November of 2012.

logo1High Gravity Resources

High Gravity Resources, LLC was formed in an effort to provide an alternative to Accredited Investors that are interested in participating in high-quality energy investments that make sense.  HGR comes without the slick suits and high pressure sales pitches – just an honest approach to funding oil and gas exploration without the hype or over-inflated numbers.  Oil and Gas exploration is Risky, but for those willing to take the Risk, the Rewards can be Great! 

Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group

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At the Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group, LLP, we believe in helping our clients make sense out of the complex tax code and wealth transfer opportunities available to the well informed. Our boutique Trust & Estates law firm located in Newport Beach, California, serves more modest estates up to the more affluent families and business owners with estates of $10M to $500M. Managing one’s investments in the most tax efficient manner will allow the gains to grow larger than a portfolio with little or no tax efficiency. Our clients should pay no more taxes than legally required, as we believe that our clients, not some government bureaucrat, are in a far better position to determine how their family wealth should be deployed. Through our Comprehensive Estate Planning platform, we optimize income and estate tax deferral opportunities found in the Tax Code and approved by the IRS in its private and public rulings, while placing effective “firewalls” around the assets to protect against future unforeseen lawsuits. With over 30 years of experience, we have established relationships with some of the “best in breed” strategic advisors, true experts in diverse fields who can further assist in designing and implementing the ideal strategy for our clients. Upon request, we will match our clients with the right strategic advisor to meet the need, whatever it may be, and save our clients from worrying about any uncertainties when seeking the services of skilled legal, investment, and financial professionals integral to a well-qualified team. Finally, with our unique approach to “fixed fee” billing, our clients will always know the cost of services before committing to engage the law firm.

Sprott Global Resource Investments

Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sprott Inc., a public natural resources investment management firm listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (Symbol SII). We offer investments for all individuals who are interested in precious metals,  mining, oil and gas, alternative energy, forestry, agriculture, and/or water industries. The combination of Global Resource Investments with Sprott Inc. in 2011 produced a powerful alliance for natural resource investors.

SwissMetallogoSwissMetal, Inc

Swissmetal Inc. (SMI) provides “turnkey” rare and strategic and industrial precious metal acquisition services combined with overseas, private, allocated, and segregated vault storage in Switzerland and Panama duty-free zones. Swissmetal Inc, SMI represents Schweizerische Metallhandel Panama S.A. (SMH Panama), as a sales company for the entire American continent. Over the last 5 years, SMH Panama and its trading partners, Schweizerische Metallhandel AG, SMH A.G, (Europe), and selected reputable Metal Traders have developed a highly successful, proven, safe, and secure system to preserve wealth. They provide fully allocated and segregated, securely stored offshore rare technology-based strategic, industrial and precious metals.