Keynote Speakers

jallison-100x75John Allison
President/CEO, Cato Institute
FreedomFest Topic:
“Leadership Crisis and the Free Market Cure”

YaronBrook-100x75Yaron Brook
Executive Director, Ayn Rand Institute
FreedomFest Topic:
“Have the Middle Class and Poor Lost the American Dream to the Rich?”

thumbs_douglas-caseyDoug Casey
Author, Publisher and Professional Investor
FreedomFest Topic:
“The American Dream is Alive and Well — Abroad!”

ColinCampbell 100x75T. Colin Campbell
Author, Professor Emeritus, Cornell University
FreedomFest Topic:
“Real Healthcare Reform:  Why ObamaCare is Forcing us to be Healthier!”

Unknown-5Dinesh D’Souza
#1 New York Times Best Selling Author
FreedomFest Topic:
“What It’s Like to be a Political Prisoner in America”

k_elzingaKen Elzinga
Economics Professor, University of Virginia
FreedomFest Topic:
“The Mysterious Case of the Invisible Hand: Using Economics to Write Murder Mystery Novels”

KeithFitzGerald-100x75Keith Fitz-Gerald
Chief Financial Strategies, Money Map Report
FreedomFest Topic:
“How to Invest When Your Government No Longer Believes In Free Markets”

s_forbesSteve Forbes
Chairman and CEO, Forbes; Editor-in-Chief, Forbes magazine, U.S.
FreedomFest Topic:

GilderGeorge Gilder
George Gilder Fund Management
FreedomFest Topic:
“Bitcoin: How Things Have Changed”

a-greenAlexander Green
The Oxford Club
FreedomFest Topic:
Witness for the Defense, “The Fed on Trial”

JamesGwartney-100x75James Gwartney
Professor, Florida State University
FreedomFest Topic:
“Teaching Economics and Combatting the Bias of the Economics Profession”

imgresPaul Krugman
The New York Times
FreedomFest Topic:
Debate: “How Can We Best Restore the American Dream”

Jeffrey-MadrickJeff Madrick
Author Seven Bad Ideas
FreedomFest Topic:
Defending Attorney for “The Fed on Trial”

thumbs_steve-mooreStephen Moore
Wall Street Journal
FreedomFest Topic:
Debate: “How Can We Best Restore the American Dream”

R_MurphyRobert Murphy
Senior Economist, Institute of Energy Research
FreedomFest Topic:
Prosecuting Attorney for “The Fed on Trial”

Unknown-7Charles Murray
American Enterprise Institute
FreedomFest Topic:
“By the People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission”

norquist-300x278Grover Norquist
President, Americans for Tax Reform
FreedomFest Topic:
“How States Are Leading the Way to Tax Reform and Economic Growth”

TomPalmer-100x75Tom Palmer
Senior Fellow, Cato Institute
FreedomFest Topic:

yeonmi_park-cropYeonmi Park
North Korea defector, Human Rights Activist
FreedomFest Topic:
“Shedding Light on North Korea, the Darkest Place in the World”

bob-poole 100x75Robert Poole
Director of Transportation Policy, Reason Foundation
FreedomFest Topic:
“Route 66 and the American Dream: Is there a Future for Fast Cars and Freeways in the USA?”

HarrisRosen-100x75Harris Rosen
President/CEO, Rosen Hotels & Resorts
FreedomFest Topic:
“Private Solutions to the Healthcare Crisis and Poverty”

RickRule-100x75Rick Rule
Founder, Global Companies
FreedomFest Topic:
“The Future of Energy”

RobertoSalinas-100x75Roberto Salinas
President, Mexico Business Forum
FreedomFest Topic:
Latin American Panel

MichaelShermer-100x75Michael Shermer
Founder/Publisher, Skeptic Magazine
FreedomFest Topic:
“The Moral Arc”

DonSmith-100x75Donald Smith
President/CIO, Donald Smith & Co.
FreedomFest Topic:
“How to Beat the Market with Deep Value Investing”

thumbs_mark-skousenMark Skousen
Financial economist, university professor, and producer of FreedomFest
FreedomFest Topic:
“What Has the Government Done to our Money?  Or What Every Citizen Should Know About Money and the Dollar”

P_ThielPeter Thiel
PayPal CoFounder
FreedomFest Topic:
“Zero to One: Notes on Startups or How to Build the Future”

AllenWest-100x75 Allen West
Fmr Congressman
FreedomFest Topic:
“Defending the American Dream”

KevinWilliamson-100x75Kevin Williamson
Author, Journalist, National Review
FreedomFest Topic:
“The End Is Near”