BullionStar offers international customers to buy gold, to buy silver and to store bullion in Singapore. BullionStar is run from the ideological standpoint that Gold is Money in the true sense. Singapore is the best jurisdiction in the world to buy and store bullion. In Singapore, there’s no taxes for bullion. There’s no reporting requirements to anyone whatsoever. Singapore is the safest country in the world. Singapore has strong property ownership rights. The Singaporean government is pro-gold. BullionStar offers fully allocated, audited and insured physical bullion. We combine an easy to use website with a physical bullion retail store and vault in Singapore.

Fischer_logoFischer & Schickendantz

Fischer & Schickendantz is a leading law firm in Uruguay, a country that boasts Latin America’s highest GDP per capita and standard of living, recognized for its unparalleled safe haven status and openness to foreign investment.  The firm has Uruguay’s largest real estate law and relocation practice, and assists hundreds of U.S., Canadian and European clients every year who choose Uruguay for its easy residency, citizenship and second passport program; for its attractive real estate, and for the unique opportunity to invest in some of the world’s best farmland.  Managing Partner Juan Federico Fischer has lectured in venues in over a dozen countries over the last decade, and has been interviewed as a reference for investing in Uruguay by The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The New York Times and BBC, among others.  This, and more information, can be found on Fischer & Schickendantz’s website (www.fs.com.uy).