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ZiadAbdelnour-100x75Ziad Abdelnour
President, Blackhawk Partners, Inc
FreedomFest Topic:
Middle East Panel

M-AdenMary Anne Aden
The Aden Forecast
FreedomFest Topic:
“Land of Opportunity: The American Dream is Alive – Offshore!”

P-AdenPamela Aden
The Aden Forecast
FreedomFest Topic:
“Land of Opportunity: The American Dream is Alive – Offshore!”

AkinaWilliam Keli’i Akina
Grassroot Institute of Hawaii
FreedomFest Topic:
“Confucius Never Said: Lessons from Communist China”

K_AndersenKnut Andersen
SwissMetal, Inc
FreedomFest Topic:
“Own Inflation Proof Rare Tech Metals Stored in Offshore Vaults for Wealth Preservation and Profit”

stanannuityman-100x75Stan The Annuity Man
Annuity Expert
FreedomFest Topic:
“How the “evil rich” (aka: you!) use annuities to legally protect themselves from predators, creditors, and frivolous lawsuits”

FrankAtwood-100x75Frank Atwood
Approval Voting, USA
FreedomFest Topic:
“Voter Power:  Maximizing Liberty, Democracy, and Voter Turnout”

LawsonBadermedLawson Bader
President, Competitive Enterprise Institute
FreedomFest Topic:
“Gavel Out on Overregulation: Legal Opportunities to Push Back Regulatory Overreach”

Ron BaileyRon Bailey
Science Editor, Reason Magazine
FreedomFest Topic:
“Vaccines – Should They Be Mandatory?”

batchelder-100x75David Batchelder
Electrical Engineering Expert
FreedomFest Topic:
“Nuclear Nightmare:  How to Prepare for and Survive an A-Boom Attack”

ArtBenjamin1-100x75Art Benjamin
FreedomFest Topic:
“The Joy of Mathematics”

Robert BeardRobert G. Beard, CPA, JD, LLM
Author, Principal with Jeffersonian Group, LLC

FreedomFest Topic:
“Making the American Dream Your Reality Despite Democracy”

David BoazDavid Boaz
Executive VP, Cato Institute
FreedomFest Topic:
“The Libertarian Mind”

bob_bowdonBob Bowdon
Founder, Choice Media
FreedomFest Topic:
School Choice Panel

AnneRathboneBradleyAnne Rathbone Bradley, PhD
VP Economic Initiatives, Institute for Faith, Work and Economics
FreedomFest Topic:
“Have the Middle Class and Poor Lost the American Dream to the Rich?”

brockwellNaomi Brockwell
Policy Associate, New York Bitcoin Center
FreedomFest Topic:
“Bitcoin: How Things Have Changed”

GregoryClark-100x75Gregory Clark
Professor, UC Davis
FreedomFest Topic:
“Is the American Dream Lost?

Cheryl Chumley
The Washington Times
FreedomFest Topic:
“Socialists Don’t Sleep: The Sneaky Hits to our Constitution and How to Beat Them Back”

JoseCordeiro-100x75Jose Cordeiro
Faculty/Energy Adviser, Singularity University
FreedomFest Topic:
Latin American Panel

Richard Crepeau
Author of NFL Football: A History of America’s New National Pastime
FreedomFest Topic:
“America’s Pastime: Has Baseball Been Replaced by Football, Basketball, or Soccer?”

BillDomhoff-100x75Bill Domhoff
Professor, UC Santa Cruz
FreedomFest Topic:
“Freud and the Interpretation of Dreams”

Lee Edwards
Heritage Foundation
FreedomFest Topic:

Marc Eliot
Hollywood’s #1 Biographer
FreedomFest Topic:
“American Titan: John Wayne, Symbol of the Wild West”

TawniFerrarini-100x75Tawni Farrarini
President, National Association of Economic Education
FreedomFest Topic:
“Teaching Economics and Combatting the Bias of the Economics Profession”

Juan Federico Fischer
Fischer & Schickendantz
FreedomFest Topic:
“Uruguay, the Unique Safe Haven: Easy Residency, Real Estate and the World’s Best Farmland”

Peter Foster
FreedomFest Topic:
“Why Bite the Invisible Hand?”

SGoldberg-100x75Steven Goldberg
Executive Board, World Likud
FreedomFest Topic:
Middle East Panel

WayneGorsek-100x75Wayne Gorsek
FreedomFest Topic:
Healthy Living Panel

DaleHalling-100x75Dale Halling
Author, Patent Attorney
FreedomFest Topic:
“Competition in Business:  Good or Bad?”

Steven Kates
RMIT University Melbourne
FreedomFest Topic:
“Say’s law vs. Keynes’ law: Which is Better?”

AngelaKeaton-100x75Angela Keaton
Director of Operations,
FreedomFest Topic:
“War, What Is It Good For?”

Barbara Kolm
Hayek Institute
FreedomFest Topic:
“The European Crisis: Is There Any Light at the End of the Tunnel?”

AlanCharlesKors-100x75Alan Charles Kors
Professor of History, University of Pennsylvania
FreedomFest Topic:
“John Stuart Mill’s Double Life:  Liberation and Modern Coercion”

LeonLouw-100x75Leon Louw
Executive Director,  Free Market Foundation
FreedomFest Topic:
“Lies, Myths and Realities about Income Inequality-Perspective of a Former Marxist”

MarcLevin-100x75Marc Levin
Policy Director, Right on Crime
FreedomFest Topic:
Prison Reform Panel

daniel-petersonDaniel Peterson
Professor, Brigham Young University
FreedomFest Topic:
“The Truth about the Middle East: Can It Ever Be Resolved?”

IslBGBarry Potekin
Vice President, RMB Group
FreedomFest Topic:

Jim Powell
Cato Institute
FreedomFest Topic:
“Ben Franklin, The Man Who Invented the American Dream”

HelenRaleigh-100x75Helen Raleigh
Author, Policy Fellow, Centenntial Institute
FreedomFest Topic:
“Confucius Never Said: Lessons from Communist China”

JackReed-100x75John T. Reed
Publisher, John T. Reed Real Estate Monthly Newsletter
FreedomFest Topic:
“Real Estate: Have Americans Lost That Loving Feeling?”

JoAnnSkousen-100x75Jo Ann Skousen
Entertainment Editor, Liberty Magazine
FreedomFest Topic:
“The American Dream in Literature”

StOnge Photo
Peter St Onge
Fengjia University College of Business
FreedomFest Topic:
“Can Investors Skip the Bust without Boycotting the Boom?”

BenSwann-100x75Ben Swann
Investigative Journalist, RT News Anchor
FreedomFest Topic:

Mark Tier
Australian Writer and Businessman
FreedomFest Topic:
“A Brief History of the American Dream — by a Foreigner!”

MarianTupyMarian Tupy
FreedomFest Topic:
“Downsizing Government and Human Progress”

StevenWatts-100x75Steven Watts
Professor, University of Missouri
FreedomFest Topic:
“Playboy and the Sexual Revolution in America”